3520_PFT_BAS_performance_trend_benchmarks Transformation

Target Database Table


Script Description and Logic

Builds out daily store level performance trend benchmarks based on the last 14 days of performance trend data in order to compare to performance trend actuals. Daily store level metrics are used to construct benchmark revenue per session, conversion rate, AOV, and units per order. Daily level moving averages and standard deviations are then calculated from these constructed metrics based on the last 14 days of data, reported out for the last 3 months to be used as benchmarks for comparison against actuals.

Source Tables Used In Script

Schema Table (or Derived Table) Name Table Type Purpose
drp integration_mapping database Primary
drp performance_trends database Primary
N/A CTE derived Lookup
N/A PB_CTE derived Lookup

SQL Flow

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3520_PFT_BAS_performance_trend_benchmarks Transformation

Calculated and Derived Fields

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