6510_PLN_BAS_sku_attributes Transformation

Target Database Table


Script Description and Logic

Pulls the sku, hierarchy information, and product related data of a sku at the sku level. Products from all integrations are included in the primary source table, uos.product_variants, and reported by unique sku and shop.

The code looks back to pull the product variants that have been updated or created in the last 7 days. A list of products is generated from uos.products at the sku level and staged for insertion. The records in staging are compared to those in the final table.

Any skus that match are removed from the final table and updated by way of insertion from staging (upsert). The records that appear in staging, but not in the final table are inserted into drp.sku_attributes.

Source Tables Used In Script

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SQL Flow

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6510_PLN_BAS_sku_attributes TransformationCalculated and Derived Fields

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