Daasity vs. Shopify Financial Metrics

Applies to Pro merchants who signed up for Daasity prior to July 15, 2020

You may notice your sales figures do not match what you see in the Shopify UI. This is because there is different logic being applied to certain aspects of how orders and transactions are recorded. See below for details.

  Shopify Sales Report Daasity's Order Line Revenue
Row Level Will have a row for every transactional event in a purchase or a refund and thus will have a row for every item in an order or refund and additionally may have rows for additional detail like shipping, order adjustments, etc. Will only have a row for every item item in an order.  All other values are either assigned to the order (refunds) or allocated to an item (shipping)
Dates There are three dates in the report: (i) transaction date which is the date of the transactional event, (ii) order date which is the date of the order and (iii) refund date which is the date of that particular refund (there can be multiple refunds) Order date is the only date as all data is linked back to the original order and thus the order date
Refunds Refunds and items, shipping, adjustments in refunds are each individual lines Refunds are associated back to the order.  Items refunded are linked to the original order item and any shipping or adjustments are allocated back at the item level
Gift Cards A purchase that includes a gift card is an order but a transaction that only includes a gift card is not considered an order. A purchase that includes a gift card is an order but a transaction that only includes a gift card is not considered an order
Valid Order All orders are valid except Deleted and Test orders Test, Deleted, Cancelled, Fraud and Free orders are excluded from Valid Order count
Returning Customers A customer placing a second order regardless of the type of order A customer placing a valid second order
Gross Sales Equates to product price x quantity (before taxes, shipping, discounts, and returns) for a collection of sales. Canceled, pending, and unpaid orders are included. Test and deleted orders are not included Equates to Product Sales minus Discounts + Shipping.Essentially the amount the customer paid minus any taxesWill not match ShopifyThe Daasity field to match Gross Sales in Shopify is Product Sales Amount
Discounts Equates to line item discount + order level discount share for a collection of sales.The total dollar value reduction applied to a sale in the form of disco line item discount are associated to the same line item. order level discount are allocated to the line item based on the product price of the line item. Daasity has three discounts - item level, allocated order level and total which is a combination of the two
Returns The value of goods returned by a customer The sum of the refund for that specific item plus any allocated amount and any tax amount at the item level
Net Sales Equates to gross sales - discounts - returns Equates to gross sales - refundsShould match Shopify
Shipping Equates to shipping charges - shipping discounts - refunded shipping amounts Allocated to the item level based on the number of items ordered
Taxes The total amount of taxes based on the orders The net tax amount based on the tax at the item level, the order level tax allocated to the item (usually from shipping) and any allocated tax refund
Total Sales Equates to gross sales - discounts - returns + taxes + shipping charges.Total sales will be a positive number for a sale on the date that an order was placed, and a negative number for a return on the date that an order was returned Equivalent to Amount Charged in DaasityIs always positive and will be positive if the customer has a refund (NEED TO CHECK THIS)
Gift Card Sales Amount N/A The amount of gift cards sales in the order