Integration: Social Bakers Profile Metrics

This article will help you learn about how Daasity replicates data from Social Bakers, limitations to the data we can extract and where the data is stored in the Social Bakers schema

Key Topics:

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  • Extraction Overview
  • Profiles
  • Custom Tables
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Integration Availability

This integration is available for:

  • Pro

NOTE: As the Social Bakers tables are created dynamically based on the dimensions and measures selected there is no out-of-box transformation or visualization for this integration.

Extraction Overview

The Daasity integration with Social Bakers only extracts data from the Profile Metrics section of the Data API as outlined in this section of the Social Bakers API Document

The integration runs on a daily basis with a primary and secondary extract:

  1. Primary Extract: the integration extracts all the Profiles that are available within each platform
  2. Secondary Extract: the integration extracts the dimensions and metrics as specified in the integration setup for each profile within each platform

The Social Bakers integration has certain limitations as outlined here:

  • Can only extract 12 months of history at one time
  • Limited to 25 metrics per report

CAUTION: The Daasity integration with Social Bakers only extracts data from the six (6) supported platforms in the Profile Metrics section of the Data API

Profiles Table

The [profiles] table is generated by requesting a list of all the profiles connected in Social Bakers for each platform by using the List of Connected Profiles endpoint

This is the first extract run on a daily basis to determine if any new profiles have been added to Social Bakers

  • Update method: UPSERT
  • Table Name: profiles
Social Bakers Field Database Column
id profile_id
N/A - determined based on the {network} passed into the API call social_platform
name name
timezone timezone
insights_enabled insights_enabled


Custom Tables

All custom tables generated by the Social Bakers integration will be created in the [social_bakers] schema within the database.

  • Update Method: UPSERT

The table name and definition is based on the selections made when setting up each report within the Daasity app.  Every report will have at a minimum the following fields:

Social Bakers Field Database Column date_day
profile profile

Additional metrics and dimensions can be selected based on the platform selected:

NOTE: When selecting additional metrics and dimensions, you can only select one dimension noted with a * and you can only select metrics with dimensions that are listed in the Social Bakers documentation above