Why Doesn't Daasity Match Google Analytics Conversion Rate

Why Doesn't Daasity Match Google Analytics Conversion Rate

Daasity shows your website Conversion Rate in two different dashboards (Site Analytics & Attribution Dashboard and Daily Flash Dashboard) and you may have noticed that the data is slightly different between the two dashboards.  That begs the question of why?

The Site Analytics & Attribution Dashboard pulls the data directly from Google Analytics:


Which matches the Site Analytics & Attribution Dashboard



So why is that different from the Daily Flash Dashboard?



When you install Google Analytics (GA), you add javascript to your website that sends data to GA when a user browses your website.  Users can block the data being sent to GA by installing cookie blockers and browsing via sites like duckduckgo.com or using browsers like Brave.  This would stop GA from seeing that traffic and orders were place and which is why the orders you see in GA WILL ALWAYS be lower than what you have in your e-commerce store.  In this case 42 orders in GA vs. 52 orders in our Shopify store


Hint: Use GA as an easy way to see your conversion rate but always use the Daasity Explore: Daily Company Metrics to track the "REAL" conversion rate of your site by including orders that are missing from GA

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