How to Send Data to Daasity SFTP

How to Send Data to Daasity using the Daasity SFTP Server

This article explains how to setup Transmit software (recommended by Daasity) that will enable you to send files to Daasity via SFTP.

Setting up the SFTP will take 2 steps:

  1. Configuring a connection to the Daasity SFTP Server

  2. Transferring files to Daasity

You can watch a walk-through of these steps here in this video

These instructions assume the user has already been set up in the Daasity SFTP server.  This means:

  • the merchant user has completed the instructions to generate an SSH key, simple docs on setting up SSH and DB connection here
  • the merchant user has submitted the public key, of the SSH key pair to Daasity
  • Daasity DevOps team has created the SFTP user with the supplied SSH public key
  • Daasity team has sent the SFTP user credential and SFTP folder to the merchant user
    • Note the convention for the folder is the merchant account id. e.g. daasity-sftp/1f1ff7dc-dd0c-42a6-82ea-d166e4565753

We recommend using Transmit 5 (by Panic Software): transmit web site



Configuring a connection to the Daasity SFTP Server

Open Transmit App.  Click the "+" button at the bottom



Menu option Servers > Add New Server



Enter the name of the connection: e.g. Daasity SFTP



Enter the username supplied by Daasity in the User Name



Choose the private key option for the Password
Click the key

You will likely need to Edit the key list to add your private key.



Click the Edit option

The Key dialog will open.

Click the [+] in the bottom left and choose Import Keys



Go to the SSH folder



Choose your key, typically it is id_rsa

Click import



Choose that key
You will see that key selected in the connection

Click Save to create the connection.



Finally set the Remote Path to the path that was supplied by the Daasity team



Transfer files to Daasity

Open the Transmit App

Choose the Daasity SFTP connection you've just created

Navigate to your specific folder as sent by Daasity.



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