Rockerbox Setup


This integration requires some setup coordination between you and your Rockerbox account manager.  You will need to provide the Rockerbox account manager with the Amazon S3 bucket and file path information.  Once they receive that information, they will configure your account and in turn, provide you with a unique Amazon IAM user ID.  That user ID is required to so Rockerbox may securely transfer the reports to the Amazon S3 bucket. 

This integration provides support for the standard Spend Report.  The definition of this report is located here:

How to Setup

Once you are signed into the Daasity app (, you will click the Integrations  link on the top navbar then click [New]; scroll down to the Ads/Marketing Spend section and click Rockerbox.


You will need to enter the following data items:

  • Name - the name that will identify this integration.
  • Provide the Rocketbox team with the Amazon S3 File Path.  This is found on the integration page.
  • Rockerbox IAM User ID - once the Rockerbox team has configured the data export, they will create a unique Amazon User ID which will be used to access your bucket.  


Click the green [Create] button in the top right corner.  


Once created, it is recommended that you ask the Rockerbox team to send a test file.  Once they confirm they have sent a test file, you may click the [Verify] button. This will ensure that the integration is configured properly.

Once verified, you may activate the integration.  Click the [Activate] button.



At this point, the Rockerbox Integration is all setup and will automatically load the data on a daily basis.  As with other integrations which require a one time historical data load, the Rockerbox Integration does not require this step.



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