Product Detail Page Performance Dashboard


This Dashboard will provide an overview of your most viewed PDP's. The Dashboard will include related conversion details, to help your brand capitalize and react on customer behavior patterns. The default filter is 7 days, that can easily be changed.

This Dashboard contains 5 tiles:

  1. Product Detail Page Views (Top 20) (A) 
  2. PDP Views x Page Conversion Rate (B)
  3. Add to Cart Rate by Product Name (C)
  4. Average PDP Views per Session (D)
  5. Cart Add and CVR from PDP (E)


Product Detail Page Views (Top 20)

Section A: This tile identifies your most popular PDPs by Product Name. 


PDP Views x Page Conversion Rate

Section B: Your Product Detail Pages (PDPs) are critical to conversion. We've pulled that data together so you can easily see which products are contributing the most to your success. Conversion for each PDP equates to that particular product resulting in a transaction, according to your Google Analytics data.

If you see particularly high conversion for a PDP, is there anything besides price/discount that is driving it? How could you implement similar techniques on other pages?


Add to Cart Rate by Product

Section C: The purchase funnel is important. Do certain products added to a cart have higher conversion rates than others?

  • Try giving those products more exposure.
  • Look at the PDP for Lower add to cart rate products, what can be enhanced to increase the rate?


Average PDP Views per Session

Section D: This is a small tile with a lot of info. This tile displays the average PDP views per customer session, across all products.


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