Marketing Performance Dashboard



The Marketing Performance Dashboard provides insight to overall and vendor performance.

Vendors are identified either by the marketing integration or in the Marketing Spend and Channel Mapping data you provided.

Section (A) and (B) relate to total spend by vendor. The bar chart on the left depicts the spend by day and by vendor; the horizontal bar chart is an aggregated view representative of the time period identified in the dashboard filters.

Section (C) includes an aggregated view of your total business ROAS, CPO and CPA as well as a vendor-reported view of those metrics.


The next section provides illustrates your vendor-reported performance as reported through the vendor API integration. 


Impressions, clicks, CPM and CPC can be easily compared across marketing vendors. 

The last visualizations depict ROAS and CPO from the vendor reported point of view (not taking clicks into consideration). Compare vendor performance to each other, over time to determine their value.



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