Brand Supplied Data: Marketing Spend

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The Marketing Spend tab contains marketing spend information that is not coming from a Daasity integration. When this tab is complete the marketing spend is combined with spend coming from Daasity integrations to give clients a complete view of total company spend, Cost Per Order (CPO), Cost per Acquisition (CAC), and Return on Ad Spend (ROAS).

You may enter spend by day or a date range. If entered in a date range, the spend will be evenly distributed across days.

Channel (Column B)

  • Select the Channel to associate the spend with (ex Podcast, Radio)

Vendor (Column C)

  • Input the vendor for spend (ex Snapchat, Criteo)

Sub channel (Column D)

  • You have the option to add a sub channel. This field is not required

Media Type (Column E)

  • This field is also optional. You can assign a Media type if applicable (ex Video)

Spend (Column F)

  • Enter the Spend for the defined period (dates are input in Column G and H)

Start and End Dates (Columns G, H)

  • For a single day of spend, the Start and End Date should match. If the spend was over a period of time (ex. one month), Daasity will evenly distribute the spend across the selected date range. 


Columns B, C, F, G, and H are required if planning on using this tab. Columns D and E are optional 



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