Subscription Dashboard


The Subscription dashboard gives you quick visibility into how your subscription program(s) are performing. We’ve highlighted key performance metrics to help you monitor your brand.

The Subscription Dashboard has four Sections:

  1. Summary Statistics
  2. Subscription Detail: Product, Marketing, Shipping Frequency
  3. Monthly Subscription Trends
  4. Subscription Retention

Summary Statistics

The first section focuses on an overall summary of subscription performance


This area shows the metrics for subscriptions and some overall store metrics for comparison.

Notes & Tips:

  • Total Customers is your complete count of customers in the time period specified in the filter at the top of the dashboard. Active subscribers is the number of unique subscribers. Total Active subscription is a count of subscriptions.
  • Depending on your brand’s approach to subscriptions, some customers may have more than one active subscription.

Subscription Detail: Product, Marketing, Shipping Frequency

This next section focuses on detailed subscription information at the monthly level.



The top area displays subscription level information at the monthly level for metrics like subscription counts, churn rates and active subscriptions vs. cancelled subscriptions.

Notes & Tips:

  • Gives a view of subscriptions at the subscription level in counts and in gross sales in the case of Monthly MMR and AOV. 
  1. The bottom area displays subscription information at the product level.

Notes & Tips:

  • Each color segment represents the corresponding product in the legend and the month in which that subscription began. This helps represent which products lead to more subscriptions in each month.

Monthly Subscription Trends

This section focuses on marketing channel trends, churn rates of subscribers with frequent shipments and if a first order was a subscription.



The first tile on the left, Monthly New Subscription by First Order Channel and gives visibility into which channels subscribers are ordering through. This can be helpful in identifying which channels to target in acquiring new subscribers.

The tile on the right shows the percentage of subscriptions that were started during the customer’s first order vs. later orders. If you have many customers joining your subscription program after their first order, you may consider increasing your CPA threshold knowing a portion will become high LTV customers.

Monthly Retention

This section contains a single look that focuses on a total view of retention rates by Time on Books (TOB) and month the subscription began.


Notes & Tips:

  • Each TOB represents a 30-day bucket from the date the subscription first began.
  • We recommend your brand compare each month start in the same TOB. For example: you can compare the retention rates at TOB 3 for each month to gauge your brand’s performance in specific month acquisition cohorts.



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