Standard Daasity Dashboards


Below are our current dashboards that are available for Growth and Pro 2.0 customers.

Category Dashboard Name Description
Performance Daily Flash Track KPIs against your plan collectively or by sales channel.
Performance Trends

Make sure your business is on track with current performance against your baseline.

Orders & Revenue

Dive into details about your order metrics, discounts, refunds and more.

Shopify Sales Report

Match your store's data and sales logic exactly with how Shopify does it.

Channel Attribution Understand performance by channel using Daasity's attribution methodology.
Operations  A snapshot of fulfillment and delivery metrics, including un-shipped orders.
Subscription Performance  Optimize your subscription program with data across several metrics & segments. Available for ReCharge Only.
Product & Inventory Product Provides a quick reference to which SKUs are selling and across which channels.
Inventory Track inventory levels and velocity to make sure you never run out of key items.
Customers Lifetime Value, Repurchase and RFM  Always updated Customer Lifetime Value, Repurchase Rate and RFM metrics.
Marketing  Marketing Performance Compare performance across ad platforms and know your CPO and CPA all in one place.
Site Performance Site Analytics  Site traffic and metrics by user type, device.
Site Funnels Evaluate your customer's journey from visit to conversion by device type and user type.
Product Detail Page Performance A deeper dive into individual Product Pages and how well they convert.
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