Find UTM and Channel Info in Daasity

Watch the video, or read instructions below!


From the Daasity App, clic Explore in the left nav


Then find the Google Analytics Traffic Explore


Click GA Traffic to open the Explore

Once in the Explore window, click the arrow to expand the Traffic View


Then expand the GA & UTM section


Click each of the following one time to select:

  • UTM Source
  • UTM Medium
  • UTM Campaign (if you use that parameter)
  • GA Last Click Channel

Each will be added to the data table section to the right


Then scroll down to the orange Measures section, expand the Totals, and select Total Sessions.


Click the purple Run button in the upper right corner


You should have results with sessions per each UTM combination. You can then download the data for easier manipulation by clicking the gear in the upper right corner.


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