Yotpo Setup

How to Setup

Please be sure to sign in (https://app.daasity.com)

  • Click Integrations
  • Click New Integration 



Select the Integration

  • Scroll down to the "Customer Feedback Section
  • Click the Yotpo icon



WAIT! Before proceeding, you'll need info from your Yotpo account!

Please open a new tab in your browser. You'll need to copy/paste data from one tab to another (From Yotpo To Daasity). Since we're pulling data please be sure that admin credentials are being used. Please retrieve your App Key (sometimes called an API Key) and Secret Key from the Yotpo UI (instructions below).   

  • Login to your Yotpo instance (admin)
  • Click the silhouette icon in the top right corner of the page
  • In the dropdown, click "Store Settings"



  • Under "Store Settings," click "General Settings"



  • In "General Settings" under "API Credentials," you'll see "App Key" and "Secret Key." These fields are blank in our example, yours will be populated
  • You'll need the "App Key" and "Secret Key" to finish setting up the Daasity Integration.  


Back to the Daasity app...

  • Navigate back to the Daasity app (screen below)
  • Copy/Paste your "App Key" into the "Secret Key" into the boxes
  • Click the blue "Authorize" button
  • You'll need to enter your Email and Password to complete this step (admin credentials)


  • Click the blue "Authorize" button


  • You'll need to enter your Email and Password to complete this step (admin credentials)
  • Once Authorization is complete, click "Create" (Green button top right)


Loading History

The last and most important step is to loading your history. The more history the better, we recommend loading history for the entire lifespan of your partnership.

  • Please enter the amount of history in MONTHS
  • The maximum allowed is 60 months (5 years)
  • Once entered, click the blue "Start Loading" button



Your Yotpo data will begin loading.  It should be available in your Daasity Reporting Platform in 1-5 days depending on the amount of data that needs to load.

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