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 Algolia helps businesses across industries quickly create relevant, scalable, and lightning-fast Search and Discovery experiences


Integration Overview

The Daasity<>Algolia integration returns data related to the performance of Site Search which allows merchants to understand what are the most important and trending terms that customers querying on the merchant site. This information is important because customers typically search for what is not easily found upon their visit. Algolia users may reveal product and merchandising opportunities that will lead to increased revenue.

This integration is available for Pro accounts only.
A Daasity Pro account uses its own Looker instance.




Endpoint: Searches

Data is retrieved by accessing the API endpoint

Searches Table

Data Mapping

JSON Element  Database Column 
MD5(search ||':'||event_at)  search_id 
search  search_term
startDate being passed in the API request event_at
count searches
nbHits  hits 
clickCount clicks 
conversionCount  conversions 
averageClickPosition  average_click_position 

Business Rules

Business Rule Value
Load Type UPSERT
Extraction Frequency Daily
Sync Key search + event_at
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