Add Amazon Seller Central

Adding Amazon Seller Central 

If you sell on Amazon Seller Central, click the blue Add button to the right of the Amazon logo.

Amazon requires a few extra steps, let's walk through the details together.

  • Click Integrations
  • Click New Integration


You will fill out the Amazon Seller Central Integration information.  You will need to configure the following:

Choose which Amazon Marketplace your Seller Central Account is located

Add Amazon Seller Central - Account

Confirm the name and choose which Marketplace you sell products in.

You will need to go to your Amazon Seller Central account to retrieve an Authorization token and also give Amazon details from Daasity. 

Click the link to Manage your Apps.

Log in to your Amazon Seller Central account and click the teal Authorize new developer button.

Add Amazon Seller Central

Enter Daasity as the Developer Name and choose the Developer ID that corresponds to the region you sell in:

  • North America: 2508-6017-5403
  • EU: 5512-3848-1619
  • Far East: 0878-3095-0939
Add Amazon Seller Central - AMWS

Click Next.

The next screen contains 2 important pieces of information that are necessary to complete the setup. 

Enter your Seller ID in the Daasity app on the other tab in your browser.

Enter your MWS Auth Token in the Daasity app.

Add Amazon Seller Central - MWS

Choose how much historical data to import. Daasity can import a maximum of 5 years (60 months). Enter the number of months you would like to import. Then click the blue Load History button.

Add Amazon Seller Central - Integration

the Commerce Grouping Categories at the bottom.

Click Create.