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Integration Setup: Loop Return

Connect Loop to Daasity.

If you use Loop Returns as your return app, you can import returns data to your Daasity data warehouse. 

This is available for:

  • Daasity Growth: data is available after loading history & the next workflow completion
  • Daasity Professional: this integration requires 2 hrs of analyst configuration work for the standard model

Add Loop Returns.
Only an Admin can authorize Daasity to access Loop Returns Data.

Step 1: Login to Daasity.  
Step 2: Click Integrations in Left Nav.  Add Loop Returns Integration - Step 2


Step 3: Click New Integration button in top Right.  Add Loop Returns Integration - Step 3


Step 4: Scroll down to find the Loop Returns Logo (merchants with their own Looker instance will need to contact support to enable integration). Add Loop Returns Integration - Step 4


Step 5: Enter your Store Domain Name from Shopify (just the part between https:// and .myshopify). Add Loop Returns Integration - Step 5


Step 6: Generate an API Key from your Loop Account. Click the blue link text to go to your account. Add Loop Returns Integration - Step 6


Step 7: Click Generate API Key. Add Loop Returns Integration - Step 7


Step 8: Select the Return Endpoint. Add Loop Returns Integration - Step 8


Step 9: Copy the new API key and paste it into the space on the Loop Integration page in Daasity. Add Loop Returns Integration - Step 9


Step 10: Click the green Save Button in the top right corner.  
Step 11: Enter how many months of history you'd like to load (when did you start using Loop?) and click the blue Load History Button.