Audiences: Facebook Targets Endpoint

This article will show you how to set up a new Custom Audience using the Daasity App . You will be able to use the Daasity Segments with your Ad Campaigns or to create Lookalike Audiences.

Key Topics


After completing the steps outlined in this article you should be able to: 

  1. Create a new Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram Audience
  2. Name the Audience that will be created in Facebook.
  3. Define the customer report or query that will be used to create the event
  4. Select and map any additional data to push into the Facebook Audience

General Setup

Before pushing data from the Daasity App, users must create a Custom Audience in Facebook (or use one already in your Facebook Audience List) where the information from your customers will be pushed to. If you don’t have one yet, you can learn how to create one here:


It is necessary to have one Custom Audience in Facebook before you start the target’s integration


Once you have a Custom Audience created on Facebook, you can go back to Daasity and activate your target by navigating to the Audiences module and clicking on New Target.  

And then selecting the Facebook Audience Target

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Authorize Daasity

Once the Facebook Integration has been selected, please name your Audience and authorize Daasity to access your Facebook account. 

You will be redirected to Facebook, where you must log in and grant access to connect our account with Daasity. 

Once you are connected you need to fill out the Facebook Ad Account ID (you can Click here for instructions to find your account ID.) and select the Facebook Custom Audience ID from the list of Audiences to enable the Daasity platform to extract, map and push the data into the Audience. 

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Selecting the Audience Source 

Select the source for the Audience by using the drop-downs below.  For more information on how to setup the different Audience Sources see this article

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The source you select must be defined by the customers that you want to target in Facebook, for example, New Churning  

Mapping the Data 

Once the Audience Source has been selected, the Daasity platform will extract a sample file to determine what data is returned from the extract and list the Source fields that are available to be mapped 

Select or enter the Destination for each Source that you want mapped and pushed to the Facebook Audience.  If you leave a Destination blank then Daasity will not push that data element into the Audience. 

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Scheduling your Audience 

Now select the frequency for the Audience.  Possible selections are: 

  • Daily 
  • Weekly (select the day of the week) 
  • Monthly (select the day of the month) 

The Audience will run after the daily workflow is completed on the schedule selected. 

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Finish Creating your Audience 

Once you have completed each of the steps above you are ready to review your Audience Details in Facebook by going back to the “All Tools” menu in the upper left corner and selecting “Audiences”.

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In this menu, you have visibility into all Audiences you have created in the past. 

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