Brand Supplied Data: Discount Code Mapping

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The Discount Code Mapping tab is used to map discount codes to specific channels and vendors. This information is used in Daasity's channel attribution logic to associate orders with channels based on the discount code, rather than GA's last click attribution.

Only include discount codes that are channel specific.

You have the ability to include additional information, if you would like to, about the channel that the discount code is used in. For example, include a vendor and sub-channel for deeper analysis.

Discount Code / Column B

  • Input the discount code. If you use bulk 1-time use or unique discount codes, you may capture all of the codes if there is a common prefix or suffix contained within the codes.
  • Use an asterisk (*) as a wildcard character to look for codes that have the common phrase followed or preceded by a unique string.
  • In the example below, the first discount code displays WEL followed by an asterisk. This means it would apply any codes that contained WEL followed by a string of numbers or letters to the Email channel. Any of these would be classified as email:
    • WEL9483
    • WELCOME25
    • WEL25COME

Channel / Column C

  • Choose the Channel you'd like to associate the order with when the discount code is used to complete a transaction (Paid Social, Email, etc.)

Vendor / Column D

If applicable, include a vendor associated with the discount code. Only include this if the codes are unique to that vendor.

Subchannel / Column E

If applicable, include a subchannel associated with the channel and code. Only include this if the codes are unique to that subchannel.

Media Type / Column F

 If applicable, include the media type you are using to deliver the code to customers. This might include video or static images. Only include if the codes are unique to that media type.

Columns B and C are required if this tab is being used. Columns D and E are optional.

Brand Supplied Data Discount Code Mapping - Media Type

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