Brand Supplied Data: Marketing Budget

Estimated time to update: 5 - 10 minutes

Easily track progress towards your marketing performance goals and know exactly how your marketing spend is performing vs plan on a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual basis. The marketing budget input populates the Daily Marketing Plan to Actual Explore with your plan. Follow the steps below to enter your plan.

What You’ll Need:

• [Required] Spend plan by vendor by month or day
• [Optional] Cost per acquisition plan by vendor by month or day

• [Optional] Currency
• [Optional] Return on Ad Spend plan by vendor by month or day


Budget Format (Column B)

  • Please note the two options for Budget
    • Month - Your monthly budget will be evenly distributed across the month (each day)
    • Day - Input budget for each day of the month

Date (Column C)

  • Input date - For Month, input first day on the month (ex. 1/1/2020)

Vendor (Column D)

  • Choose the Vendor (Google, Facebook, etc…)

Store (Column E)

  • Choose the Sales Channel (Shopify, Amazon, Other Orders). Useful if you have more than one Shopify store and budget marketing spend for specific stores.

Target Spend (Column G)

  • Input planned spend

Target CPA (Column H)

  • Input planned Cost per Acquisition

Target ROAS (Column I)

  • Input planned Return on Ad Spend

Currency (Column J)

  • The currency used in this budget.  Note that if you select a currency different from your master currency selected in the Daasity app, then the data will be converted.  If left blank this will default to USD.

Columns B, C, D, E, and G are required if a row is populated. Columns H, I and J are optional.

FAQ about Marketing Plan Data

Q: I don’t have a forecast for the whole year, is that OK?

A: Yes! The marketing plan gives you a historical view of how well you are doing at hitting your goals, you may enter updated goals as you have them.

Can I include a mix of Day and Month plans?

A: Yes! Just be careful to not double count. For example, if you previously entered a plan for May by Month, and now would like to enter May by day, make sure to delete the Month row. If you don’t delete that row, it will include the Month plan and the Day plans together.

Do all fields have to be filled in?

A: No. Empty plan fields will simply show the plan as null in your reporting

How is this data used?

A: It is used to populate your plan in the Daily Flash Dashboard, which is handy to see how you are performing against your goals.

I track additional metrics; can I add columns?

A: No, the data input must remain in the format provided in order to be properly integrated in your data warehouse.

If I don’t enter in planned CPA / ROAS data will you calculate this?

A: Yes, if you have filled out both the Marketing Budget and Revenue Plan sheets we will calculate planned ROAS and CPA from the information you have entered without needing to enter data in the Target CPA and Target ROAS columns.