Brand Supplied Data: Marketing Spend

Estimated time to update: 5 - 30 minutes

The Marketing Spend tab contains marketing spend information that is ​not ​coming from a Daasity integration. When this tab is complete the marketing spend is combined with spend coming from Daasity integrations to give clients a complete view of total company spend, Cost Per Order (CPO), Cost per Acquisition (CAC), and Return on Ad Spend (ROAS).

You may enter spend by day or a date range. If entered in a date range, the spend will be evenly distributed across days.

Channel (Column B)

  • Select the Channel to associate the spend with (ex Podcast, Radio)

Vendor (Column C)

  • Input the vendor for spend (ex Snapchat, Criteo)

Sub channel (Column D) (PRO Only)

  • You have the option to add a sub-channel. This field is not required

Media Type (Column E) (PRO Only)

  • This field is also optional. You can assign a Media type if applicable (ex Video)

Spend (Column F)

  • Enter the Spend for the defined period (dates are input in Column G and H)

Currency (Column G)

  • Enter the currency for this data.  If the currency used is different than the master currency selected in your Daasity account then the spend data will be converted.  If nothing is selected in this column then it will default to USD.

Start and End Dates (Columns H, I)

  • For a single day of spend, the Start and End Date should match. If the spend was over a period of time (ex. one month), Daasity will evenly distribute the spend across the selected date range. 

Store Name (Column J)

  • Enter in the store that the spend belongs to. For instance, if you have a Shopify US store and a Shopify UK store, and are spending on podcasts that ONLY apply to the US store, then put the US store in this field. This will ensure that this spend is included in marketing performance metrics for the correct store. 

Columns B, C, F, and H are required if planning on using this tab. Columns D, E, G, I, and J are optional.

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