Brand Supplied Data: Master SKU Mapping

Estimated time to complete: 10 minutes

Use this sheet if you sell the same products in multiple sales channels that require different listing SKUs.

Sometimes when selling in multiple places, your main SKU, usually your Shopify SKU, may not be available in another marketplace to serve as your SKU. In this case, you may find that you are given a new "Listing SKU".

The Master SKU Mapping template allows you to match two different SKUs that are actually the same product, but have different listing SKUs.

There are two columns to populate.

Master SKU  - this is your main SKU that you use to identify products

Listing SKU - this is channel or marketplace specific SKU that represents the same product as the Master SKU.

Columns B and C are required for the SKU Mapping tab to be utilized.

Brand Supplied Data Master SKU Mapping

By entering SKUs here, your data will be combined so that you may view sales data by the Master SKU, combined across all channels regardless of the Listing SKU. 

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