Brand Supplied Data: Revenue Plan

Estimated Time to Update Plan: 5-10 minutes

This article can be used to help Daasity Merchants complete the Revenue Plan portion of the Brand Supplied Data. The Revenue Plan is vital to understanding business performance (actual) and how they compare against your goals (plan). Once the Revenue Plan tab is populated, Daasity can help you easily evaluate performance vs plan on multiple levels simultaneously (daily, weekly, monthly etc.).

Key Topics:

  • Revenue Plan Overview 
  • Gathering Information to Complete the Revenue Plan 
  • Completing the Revenue Plan  
  • Video Walkthrough 
  • Revenue Plan FAQ 
  • Related Resources

Revenue Plan Overview:

This information requires manual input as we aren’t pulling plan data via Standard Daasity Integrations.

Revenue Plan data populates your Daily Flash vs. Plan Dashboard, so you can see at a glance how you are performing against your goals.

Gathering Information to populate the Revenue Plan:

Before you start, you'll need as much of this information (by month or by day) as possible: 

  • Revenue Plan by sales channel (i.e., Amazon and/or Shopify) 
  • Order plan by sales channel 
  • Unit plan by sales channel 
  • Site session plan for your Shopify store 
  • Expected number of new customers for your Shopify store 

You can choose to track or not track your goals. You can enter your goals for the current and past months you want to track, and then enter future months later.

Completing the Revenue Plan: 

To enter your Revenue Plan, choose Brand Supplied Data under Data Sources from the Daasity menu on the left:


Once you have navigated to the Brand Supplied Data section, click the Revenue Plan box. A Google Sheet will open (example below):

PLEASE NOTE: Do not add columns or otherwise reformat the spreadsheet. The data has to remain in the format provided to be integrated properly into your data warehouse.

What You’ll Need:

Plan Format 

(Required Field)



Whether the revenue number is Daily or Monthly - select from the pulldown.  

  • If you choose "Month," the system will calculate the daily amount from that figure.  
  • If you choose "Day," you need to enter data for every day of that month.


(Required Field) 



Use the dropdown to select your Shopify or Amazon Integration


(Required Field)



If you choose a Plan Format of Monthly (above), this is the first day of the month (e.g., 6/1/2021). If you chose Daily, input one row for each day of that month. For example, if you choose Monthly for every month of the year, you only need to enter 12 rows, one for the first day of every month. 

$ Revenue 

(Required Field) 



The forecasted revenue for this store for this day or month (corresponding to the Plan Format you chose). This amount is in US Dollars. For example, $5,000.00.



The currency that is used for the forecast.  Note that if this currency is different than the master currency used in your Daasity account then the revenue values will be converted into the master currency specified in your Daasity account.  If you do not enter a value than this will default to USD.



The number of orders you expect for this store for this day or month. This field and the Revenue you entered (above) is used to calculate your expected Average Order Value (AOV).



The forecasted number of units for this store for this day or month.



This applies to Shopify stores only; it is how many sessions (web visits) you expect for this store on this day or month.

New Customers 


The number of new customers you expect for this store for this day or month.

Where to find this Data:

The Daily Flash vs Plan dashboard is a good example of where you will see the revenue data you entered reflected in Daasity:

Here you can see where actual results compare to your plan. A zero within the Plan section indicates that the data has not been filled out on the “Revenue Plan” tab of the BSD. Plan ROAS is populated from your Marketing Budget 

Video Walkthrough:

Revenue Plan Q&A:

Q: I don’t have a forecast for the whole year, is that OK? 

A: Yes! The revenue plan gives you a historical view. You can enter updated goals as you have them.


Q: Can I mix daily and monthly data in the revenue plan? 

A: Yes, but not within the same month. For any given month, you must choose either monthly or daily (not both), and dates should not overlap.





Q: Can I use formulas in the spreadsheet? 

A: Formulas are not accepted/cannot be used anywhere in the Brand Supplied Data


Q: Can I add columns or reformat the spreadsheet? 

A: Please do not add columns or otherwise reformat the spreadsheet. The data has to remain in the format provided to integrate properly into your data warehouse.


Q: Why aren't my changes showing up immediately in my dashboards or reports? 

A: Daasity updates the spreadsheet information nightly. After you’ve populated the tab, click the refresh icon. Your updates will be accessible the following business day (post refresh).