Brand Supplied Data: Shipping And Fulfillment Cost

Estimated time to update: 5 - 10 minutes

Enter in basic shipping and fulfillment cost assumptions in order to have a more accurate view of gross margin for every order.

What You’ll Need:

  • [Optional] Average shipping cost per shipment
  • [Optional] Average fulfillment cost per shipment
  • [Optional] The currency for any cost data entered
  • [Required] Start date for the estimated costs above
  • [Optional] End date for the estimated costs above. If no end date is entered we assume an end date of 2099-12-31


To fill out this sheet you will need to understand what average shipping and fulfillment cost looks like for every shipment sent. Generally these costs will be time bound, for example your average shipping cost in 2019 for every shipment sent might be $5.00, but that may have decreased in 2020 to $4.50 and decreased again to $4.00 in 2021. In that case you would want three rows:

FAQ about Shipping And Fulfillment Cost Data

Q: Where does this data end up?

A: The cost data you enter will be pulled into the gross margin calculation in the order line revenue explore.