Test Warehouse: Create a Redshift Database Test Warehouse

You can create a data warehouse outside of your production environment to debug and test changes in an isolated environment. Once the changes look good, the same updates may be performed on the Production environment.

Please Watch the How-To-Video Tutorial below to learn How to Create Your Testing Warehouse. You can also visit our Youtube Page to Watch the Tutorial Video.

HubSpot Video

How To Create Your Testing Warehouse

Backup and Restore a Redshift Cluster in AWS

Connect Your Test Warehouse to Your Daasity App

1. Login to your AWS Redshift Console

2. Click on Your Cluster

3. Navigate to "Actions"

4. Click "Create Snapshot"

5. Fill in Info and Create Snapshot

6. Find your Snapshot in your Clusters and Click the Snapshot

7. Restore Snapshot to Provisioned Cluster

8. Follow Steps (Naming, Setting size, Setting Permissions

NOTE: Be sure to ADD the IAM Roles

9. When Restoring Your Cluster Be Sure to Set the Permission to "Public"

  • Click on your Test Cluster

  • Click on Properties

  • Set the Permissions to Publicly Accessible

Connect your Warehouse to Your Daasity App

1. Navigate to Warehouse in your Daasity App toolbar

2. Copy the Endpoint from your Testing Warehouse in AWS

3. Fill in the Information in Your Daasity Test Warehouse

NOTE: Be sure to Delete the Suffix following .com in the URL

NOTE: You can copy the Port, Database Name, User Name and Password from your Production Warehouse Because Your Testing Warehouse is an exact replica

4. Test the Connection

5. Confirm a Valid Connection and Provision Test Warehouse

6. Destroy Warehouse

When Testing is Complete - Check "I went to Amazon and shut it down and Click "Destroy Test Warehouse."