Test Warehouse: Create a Snowflake Database Test Warehouse

You can create a data warehouse outside of your production environment to debug and test changes in an isolated environment. Once the changes look good, the same updates may be performed on the Production environment.

Please watch the is a How-to-Video Tutorial below to learn how to Create a Test Data Warehouse. You can also visit our Youtube Page to Watch the Tutorial Video.

HubSpot Video


To Create Your Test Warehouse


1. Navigate to "Warehouse" in your Daasity App Toolbar



2. Create a Test Warehouse (Name your Warehouse and Click Provision Test Warehouse)

Test Warehouse Provisioning 

NOTE: Provisioning can time may vary depending on the size of your Warehouse.



NOTE: This Will Create a SNAPSHOT of your Warehouse - NEW Data Flowing into your Production Warehouse will NOT be added to your Test Warehouse

3. Set an Expiration Date for your Test Warehouse or Destroy your Warehouse Manually. After ONE WEEK the Test Database will be Automatically Destroyed. You can choose to "Extend By One Week" (you can extend by one week, an indefinite amount of times) or "Destroy Manually."