Dashboard: Attribution Deep Dive (New)

This dashboard will give you a detailed view into the new attribution features that are now available in your account.

Last Click Attribution Models

Last Click attribution models use a combination of Google Analytics data and Channel Mapping BSD data to attribute an order to the traffic channel a customer last interacted with before making a purchase.

Last Click will match what you see in Google Analytics, but we also have two custom last click models: Last Marketing Click and Last Ad Click. These models give you a modified, marketing-centric view of last click attribution.

The Attribution Models help you uncover 'hidden' revenue that your Marketing Channels generated — but did NOT get credit for, because the Customer had another Non-Marketing channel interaction before purchasing.

Daasity looks at the touch-points tracked in Google Analytics leading up to each purchase and filters for only those that qualify as a “Marketing” or “Ad” Channel.

We assign credit for the sale to the Last Marketing or Ad channel — depending on the Model you’re using.

Which of these attribution methods you use will depend on whether you’re trying to understand effectiveness of your Paid Ad channels (Last Ad Click), Overall Marketing Channels (Last Marketing Click), or trying to understand generally which channel customers interact with, before purchasing (Last Click).

Comparing Last-Click Attribution Models

Explorer: Marketing Attribution

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Cross-Over Between Last Click, Last Marketing Click and Last Ad Click

Explorer: Order Line Revenue

View: Order Attribution

Dimension: Channel Mapping

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Assisted Attribution

Last Click attribution models attribute an order to a single channel.

Assisted Attribution gives credit to all the channels that had a touchpoint on the path-to-purchase.

When combining Last Click Net Sales and Assisted Net Sales, you can see how much Total Revenue each channel influenced.

For example, if a customer (1) clicked a Paid Social Ad, then (2) clicked a Paid Search Ad, and finally (3) clicked through from an Email before making a $100 purchase:

  • Paid Social would be attributed $100 in Assisted Net Sales
  • Paid Search would be attributed $100 in Assisted Net Sales
  • Email would be attributed $100 in Last Click Net Sales

Note: If a channel has multiple Assisted touch-points, we still only count the revenue once. So in the above example, if Paid Social had two touch-points rather than just one, it would still only be attributed only $100 in Assisted Net Sales.

Assisted Lift

Explorer: Marketing Attribution

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Survey-Based Attribution

If you have integrated a post-purchase survey tool such as Fairing, Survey-Based attribution will assign an Order to the Channel and Vendor based on the customer’s response to the survey question: “How did you hear about us?”

This data is helpful if you want to get a perspective on attribution that comes from the Customer and is NOT reliant on Google Analytics.


Explorer: Order Line Revenue

View: Order Attribution

Dimension: Survey-Based

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