Explore: Introduction to Explores

This article outlines the concept of an Explore within the Daasity platform and an explanation of the information that you will find within each Explore article

What is an Explore?

Daasity uses PBL (Powered by Looker) as the visualization platform for our Growth Product and is the recommended visualization platform for our Pro Product.

An Explore is a key concept within the Looker environment as the "Explore" is how the User is able to select dimensions and measures to create a report and for Looker to generate a SQL query to pull data for the requested report.

An Explore is the user view of a model that defines who Looker should combine different Views together and generate a SQL statement.

You can find more information on the concept of an Explore in Looker documentation here

Daasity Explore Documentation

There are several key elements that will be contained in each Explore article in the Daasity Knowledge Base

Explore Definition

In this section you have a video overview of the Explore and some examples of the types of analysis / questions you can answer with this Explore.  There also may be some Tips and Cautions on using this Explore


In this section you will find a link to every View that makes up the Explore.  An Explore must have at least one (1) View.

If an Explore has more than one View we will indicate which View is the main View

NOTE: The main View is a key concept in our visualization as any SQL query must have a FROM as part of the query.  This indicates the table that the query first runs against.  The main View is the table where the FROM will run


In this section you will find links to the Reports that use this Explore

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In this section you will find links to other articles related to the Explore