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This will take the place of the GA Traffic Explore. This Explore is used to build Site Analytics & Attribution Site Funnels and Product (Only tile being updated is Product Detail Page Performance (Top 20)


This Explore replaces the OLD GA Traffic Explore as of 3/27/23/

The Traffic Explore will:
  1. Enable you to view Universal Analytics & Google Analytics 4 data in a single model without any duplicated data or gaps in the data.
  2. In this model, you get to choose when you want your reporting to cut over from UA to GA4. For example: You can have UA data populate the reports up through 6/30/2023, and from 7/1/2023 on the data will be from GA4
  3. Enables you to see traffic & conversion-related metrics for Google Analytics & Amazon side by side.

Data sources included in Blended reports

  • Universal Analytics
  • Google Analytics 4
  • Amazon Seller Central Sales & Traffic Business reports
    • To set these up, you merchant must enable the Sales and Traffic Business Report in your Amazon Seller Central integration
      • image.png

  • You will likely need to re-auth in order to get the reports to successfully run
  • These reports will fail if you do NOT have Brand Analytics available in your Seller Central account. If that is the case, you need to deactivate the integration in order to avoid failures.
  • For the above reasons, the Sales & Traffic Business reports are NOT enabled by default when you set up the ASC integration



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