Explore: Transactional Sales Report

This article will help you learn about the views that make the Transactional Sales Report explore, what types of questions you should answer with this explore and the reports that have been built using this explore

Common Use Cases

  1. Determine metrics like Gross Sales or Gross Margin of orders in a particular time period, or by a particular product.
  2. Look at average order value of new customers vs. repeat customers.
  3. Look at order data by different stores or store types (retail, ecommerce, etc.).
  4. See metrics of order activity by Daasity marketing attribution channel or vendor.
  5. Analyze subscription order data vs non-subscription order data.
  6. Analyze sales by SKU or product category.

Using Explores

Exploring data can be insightful and fun! Before you start your exploration, make sure to go through our Introduction to Explores article and the associated training


This explore is made up of the following views:

View Cardinality Relationship Join
transactional_sales_report - self -
retail_calendar left_outer one_to_one ${sales_report.order_date} = ${retail_calendar.calendar_date}
order_status left_outer many_to_one ${sales_report.order_id} = ${order_status.order_id}
orders left_outer many_to_one ${sales_report.order_id} = ${orders.order_id}
order_discount_codes left_outer one_to_many ${orders.order_id} = ${order_discount_codes.order_id}
order_business_unit left_outer many_to_one ${sales_report.order_id} = ${order_business_unit.order_id}
order_channel (Being Replaced) left_outer many_to_one ${order_status.order_id} = ${order_channel.order_id}
order_attribution (NEW) left_outer many_to_one ${sales_report.store_order_id}=${dim__order_attribution.order_id}
order_shipping_service left_outer one_to_many ${orders.order_id} = ${order_shipping_service.order_id}
order_item_fulfillments left_outer one_to_one ${sales_report.order_line_id} = ${order_item_fulfillments.order_line_id}
fulfillments left_outer many_to_one ${order_item_fulfillments.fulfillment_id} = ${fulfillments.fulfillment_id}
sku_attributes left_outer many_to_one ${sales_report.sku} = ${sku_attributes.sku}
customer_profiles left_outer many_to_one ${order_status.unique_customer_id} = ${customer_profiles.unique_customer_id}
customers inner one_to_one ${customer_profiles.unique_customer_id} = ${customers.unique_customer_id}