Explore: Yotpo Reviews


This explore contains Yotpo data including review scores of products.  There is one row for every completed review.

Common Use Cases

  1. Discover which products have low review scores
  2. Dig into low reviews to understand what may be driving low reviews for a specific product (e.g., shipping time, shipping cost, low quality, etc...)

Using Explores

Exploring data can be insightful and fun! Before you start your exploration, make sure to go through our Introduction to Explores article and the associated training.


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reviews - self -
products_reviews left_outer many_to_one ${reviews.external_product_id} = ${products_reviews.external_product_id}
review_custom_data left_outer many_to_many ${reviews.review_id} = ${review_custom_data.review_id}
custom_fields left_outer one_to_one ${review_custom_data.custom_field_id} = ${custom_fields.custom_field_id}



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