Explores Overview

Explores Overview

The Daasity Data Model is actually a compilation of several data models that are grouped in logical subject areas for D2C brands. 

Each subject area of data, for example, Order Information, has a model. The model is comprised of several tables of information that has either been extracted from a data source (I.e. Shopify, Facebook) or has been transformed with SQL to produce a new result.

Querying the data model is the way that users arrive at answers to their business questions. Querying is enabled by using Explores. Explores represent a business user view of the data housed in areas of the data model. 

Typically Explores contain multiple tables that are joined to enable questions to be answered.  

Model Explore
Customers Customer Flags & Info
LTV Time Series
Google Analytics PDP Performance
Shopping Stage
Marketing Marketing Performance
Multi-Channel Transactions
Orders Orders & Order Line Revenue
Performance Trends Daily Plan to Actual
Shopify Reports Sales Report 
Subscriptions Subscribers
Subscription Monthly Churn Rates