Getting Started with Audiences

This article outlines what Daasity Audiences is and how to get started with Audiences and links to all the different targets available within Daasity


Daasity Audiences allows you to build a list of customers and push that list of customers  along with additional customer data into a number of other SaaS platforms.

You can build the list of customers and the additional customer data that you want by one of three methods:

  1. Using a pre-build Daasity Segment
  2. Using a report you have created in Looker
  3. Entering a custom SQL query into the Daasity UI

In each method, Daasity will run the report or SQL query in real-time to extract the most current customer list and data.  The platform then takes the returned data from that query, maps it to the appropriate fields in the target and sends the data to the target.

Tip: Almost all Targets will need a customer identifier to be a key field in the generated report.  Often this is an email address, phone number or the customer ID from that platform (ex: Shopify)

Getting Started

Getting started is simple, one you have Audiences enabled just click on the New Target in the right corner and then select the Target you want to use.  Click here if you need help to get access to Audiences

Screen Shot 2021-06-18 at 1.31.12 PM


To learn more about how to setup each target just select the link below which will take you to the appropriate article: