Glossary of Ecommerce Terms

This is a list of commonly used Ecommerce terms.

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Common Ecommerce Terms Meaning
AOV Average Order Value
B2B Business to Business
B2C Business to Consumer
BOP/EOP Beginning/End of Period
Bounce Rate The percentage of visits to a website where visitors leave after viewing a single page
BSD Brand Supplied Data
CAC Customer Acquisition Cost
CBO Campaign Budget Optimization
Churn Rate Percentage of customers/subscribers lost during a period 
Contribution Margin Selling Price - Product Costs - Variable Cost (Ie: Profit)
CPA Cost per Acquisition, the cost to acquire a customer
CPC Cost Per Click
CPM Cost Per Million, common media metric
CPO Cost per Order
CRM  Customer Relationship Management
CRO Conversion Rate Optimization
CTA Call to Action
CTR  Click Through Rate
CVR Conversion Rate, the number of orders / the number of sessions
Device Type The type of  device (mobile, tablet, desktop) used to visit a website, identified by Google Analytics
DoD Day over Day
DTC Direct to Consumer
Frequency (RFM) # of purchases
GA Google Analytics
Gross Margin Net Sales - product cost
Gross Sales All revenue collected from a customer, not included taxes
Keyword Words or phrases used to trigger search results or describe a content
KPI Key Performance Indicator
LTV Lifetime Value
LY Last Year
MoM Month over Month
Monetary (RFM) Average spend on a purchase
MRR Monthly Recurring Revenue
MTD Month to Date
NC New Customers
Net Sales Gross Sales - Refunds
NPS Net Promoter Score - willingness of customers to recommend your company's products/services to others
Open Rate Number of email subscribers who open the email you sent them
Pageviews Number of pages visited in a session
PDP Product Detail Page
PLA Product Listing Ads
POS Point of Sale
QTD Quarter to Date
Recency (RFM) Time since last purchase
RFM Recency, Frequency, Monetary
ROAS Return on Ad Spend
ROI Return on Investment
RR Retention Rate or Repurchase Rate
SEM Search Engine Marketing
SEO Search Engine Optimization
Session Visit to Site/App
SKU Stock-Keeping Unit
TOB Time on Books
UGC User Generated Content
UI User Interface
UPO Units per Order
UTM Medium The type of content used: paid social, referral, display, etc
UTM Source What channel the order came from: Google, Facebook, etc
UX User Experience
WOS Weeks of Supply
WoW Week over Week
WTD Week to Date
YoY Year over Year
YTD Year to Date