Growth Reports and Folders

This feature adds folders to the Growth product so that merchants can more easily manage and organize their custom Looks.  It also adds ~30 custom reports that come standard in the Daasity Reports section for every new Growth merchants. ~10 new custom reports will be added every week to the Daasity Reports folders.

Customers will see a new Reports section on the left nav.  Clicking through that reveals the Daasity Reports section with the standard folders as well as any custom folders / reports the merchant has created.

Growth Reports and Folders
To see Reports that have been saved, click on the Reports link on the left hand side of the Daasity App.  If you would like to create a new report, click on the New Report button in the upper right hand corner.  That will take you to the Explores page where you can use an Explore to create a new Report.

Growth Reports and Folders - Explore

Once you have created the report you want, click the Create button in the upper right hand corner.

Give your new report a name and a description and pick where you want to save it.

Growth Reports and Folders - New Report
Once you save the report it will be visible in the folder you saved it to.

If you would like to create a new folder, simply click the dropdown arrow next to the New Report button.

Growth Reports and Folders - New Folder