Hourly Flash

The Hourly Flash dashboard is designed to give you an intra-day look into performance and sales.  Data is pulled every hour from Shopify and pushed to your Looker instance, allowing you to see gross sales by hour with comparisons against yesterday and the same day last year.  Revenue by SKU and a summary of results by hour for every day in the last six days is also included.

There is no transformation code applied to this data, it is raw data straight from Shopify.  

To enable the Hourly Flash dashboard you must have hourly processing enabled.  Please contact your account manager to get access to hourly processing.

Hourly Results

Hourly Flash Results
This section shows hourly results and cumulative results for the current day, as well as sales, order, and unit totals for the current day.  The "Last Synced at" tile tells you when the dashboard was last refreshed.

SKU Results

Hourly Flash Results - SKU
The Sales by SKU section shows total sales, total orders, and total items sold for the current day, the same day last year, and yesterday, all by SKU. 

Hourly Combined Sales

Hourly Flash Results - Combined Sales

The Hourly Combined Sales Look shows total sales, total orders, and total items sold, by hour, for the last six days. 

Note that all comparisons to "same day last year" are day of week adjusted and holiday adjusted.  For example, results for Black Friday 2021 will be compared to results for Black Friday 2020.