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Integration Setup: Google Sheet

NOTE: Google Sheet Integrations are only available for our PRO MERCHANTS

Setting up a new Google Sheet integration is quick and easy in the Daasity platform and will take between 5 and 10 minutes for you to complete.

Our Google Sheet integration will extract data out of your Google Sheet and load it into your database so you can either combine it with other data or expose it directly in Looker.  Reach out to support@daasity.com if you need help!

Follow along with us in this short video to setup your Google Sheet integration today!

What are those Data Types?

  • String - this means text or anything you want stored as text
  • Number - this is a whole number (integer) and cannot have any decimals
  • Decimal - for any values with a decimal
  • Currency - if you have value with a currency symbol choose this so we can remove the symbol and store the value as a decimal
  • Boolean - either Yes/No or True/False
  • Date - if you want to store the value as a date (if it has a time it gets set to midnight)
  • Datetime - if you want to store both the time and the date
  • Percentage - removes the percent and stores as a decimal