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Integration Setup: Emplifi

This article outlines how to setup the Emplifi integration in the Daasity App and how to build reports to extract data from Social Bakers

Key Topics

  • Overview
  • Adding the Integration
  • Authorize Daasity
  • Creating or Editing a Report
  • Selecting Dimensions and Metrics


After reading this article you should be able to add the Social Bakers integration to your account and understand how to create, edit or delete a report within the Social Bakers integration

Click on play to watch a video walk-through of how to setup the Social Bakers Integration

Adding the Integration

To enable Daasity to extract data from your Social Bakers account you must first add the integration and then authorize Daasity to pull data.

From any page within the Daasity App click on Integrations on the left navigation

Screen Shot 2021-09-09 at 7.15.38 AM

From the integration page click on the New Integration in the top right

Screen Shot 2021-09-09 at 7.18.20 AM

and then select the Social Bakers integration

Authorize Daasity

One the integration has been added you will be prompted to Authorize Daasity by adding the Token and Secret that you retrieve from within your Social Bakers account in the section highlighted in red.

Once entered click on the Create button in the top right to have Daasity validate that we can connect to Social Bakers

Screen Shot 2021-09-09 at 7.21.42 AM

Creating or Editing a Report

Due to the nature of the Emplifi Integration you must build the reports you want in order to extract data from Social Bakers

From the integration you will click on Edit button to access the reports that you have created or to create a new report

Screen Shot 2021-09-09 at 7.27.32 AM

From this screen you can edit or delete an existing report or create a new reportScreen Shot 2021-09-09 at 7.30.11 AM

Selecting Dimensions and Metrics

Selecting the Dimensions and Metrics for your report is one of the critical components of building your report in Social Bakers.  You can only select certain dimensions and metrics based on the Social Platform that you want to access.

For more information on the constraints of building a report please review:

To build a report you must enter the following information:

  • Title: a name for your report
  • Table Name: the name you want the table called within the [social_bakers] schema in the database
  • Social Platform: which Social Platform you want to extract dimensions and metrics
  • Additional Dimensions: any additional dimensions you want added to the report
  • Metrics: the metrics you would like selected

Once you have entered the required information you can Test the report to ensure that the selected combination for the Platform, Dimensions and Metrics will work and if successful click on OK to save the report