Integration: Attentive

This article will help you learn about how Daasity replicates data from Attentive, limitations to the data we can extract and where the data is stored in the Attentive schema.

Key Topics

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Integration Availability

This integration is available for:

  • Growth
  • Pro (V1 and V2)

Integration Overview

The Daasity Attentive integration uses our CSV loader functionality in conjunction with the Attentive SFTP server to retrieve the export from Attentive.

In order to enable the integration you must reach out to your Merchant Success team at Attentive and complete the following steps:

  1. Ask the Attentive team to setup an SFTP account on their server ( and create both a login and password
  2. Ask Attentive to start sending the following two files on a daily basis
    1. attentive_conversions_YYYYMMDD.csv
    2. attentive_email_SMS_YYYYMMDD.csv
  3. Ask Attentive to send a historical file through the SFTP server with a maximum size of 2GB per file
  4. Enter the username/password the Attentive team supplied for the SFTP server into the UI in the Daasity App

NOTE: The SFTP Attentive account username / password is different from your regular Attentive login.

SFTP Data Feeds

The following data feeds are generated from a CSV file that Attentive places into their SFTP folder on a daily basis. You can view more on SFTP data feeds in the Attentive SFTP Documentation.

Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD)

The embedded diagram houses the ERD for the Daasity Attentive integration illustrating the different tables and keys to join across tables.  Hover over the embedded diagram to reveal controls to zoom and scroll.


Attentive Schema

The Daasity Attentive extractor creates these tables using the Attentive SFTP Server to retrieve the CSV files listed.  The data is mapped from source CSV file to the table based on the mapping logic outlined in each table.

Mobile Conversions

  • SFTP Data Feed: Conversions
  • Update method: UPSERT
  • Table Name: attentive_mobile.conversions
CSV Column Database Column
MD5(phone + ':' + SUBSTRING(timestamp,1,19)) conversion_id
phone phone
client_id client_id
amount amount
timestamp conversion_at
message_id message_id
message_name message_name
message_text message_text
message_type message_type
message_subtype message_subtype
MD5(phone + ':' + SUBSTRING(timestamp,1,19)) __sync_key

Mobile Notifications

  • SFTP Data Feed: General Events
  • Update Method: UPSERT
  • Table Name: attentive_mobile.notifications
CSV Column Database Column
MD5(type + ':' + phone + ':' + email + ':' + SUBSTRING(timestamp,1,19)) notification_id
type type
phone phone
client_id client_id
email email
timestamp event_at
join_source join_source
message_id message_id
message_name message_name
message_text message_text
message_type message_type
message_subtype message_subtype
message_start message_at
creative_id creative_id
creative_name creative_name
creative_type creative_type
creative_subtype creative_subtype
MD5(type + ':' + phone + ':' + email + ':' + SUBSTRING(timestamp1,19)) __sync_key

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