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Integration Setup: Google Analytics 4 (GA4)

For the UA vs GA4 Dashboard & Explore to be useful, you must have at least one Google Analytics integration and at least one Google Analytics 4 via API integration set up.

For the UA vs GA4 Dashboard & UA GA4 Explore to be useful, you must have at least one Google Analytics integration and at least one Google Analytics 4 via API integration set up.


Please visit our GA4 Pages below - After you have Setup your G4 Integration.

Dashboard: UA vs. GA4

Explore: UA vs. GA4

View: UA vs. GA4

Authorize Daasity

When setting up a Google Analytics 4 via API integration, the authorization process is the same as the process for the old Google Analytics integration.

NOTE: The user authorizing must be signed in or have access to a Google account that has permissions for the GA4 property they're trying to connect.

Click the Authorize button to authorize Daasity to connect to your GA4 Analytics. 


NOTE: You will be taken to your Google Analytics login - The Owner of the GA Account will have to login and grant access to Daasity.



All GA4 via API integrations must have a Property Id specified.


You can get this Id from the GA4 user interface.

In the account navigator, the property ID is listed under the property name:

image (1)


The stream field is optional.

Every GA4 property has one or more data streams that pump data into the property.

If the GA4 property has more than one data stream and you want to limit the integration to a single stream, they can specify the single stream here.

If the you want ALL data in the GA4 property to be captured in the Integration, they you should leave this field blank.

Link to Commerce Integration

Linked Universal Analytics Integrations

This section allows you to link to an ecommerce integration and/or an existing Universal Analytics integration.

Why would you want to link to an existing Universal Analytics integration? See Below

Because all Universal Analytics accounts are going to stop collecting data on 7/1/2023. This allows you to specify that this new GA4 integration will be taking the place of a specific Universal Analytics integration.

GA4 Cutover Date

When you link to a Universal Analytics integration, you'll see an option to specify a cutover date.


This field will be used in later UTS features that blend UA & GA4 data together.

In those reports, if there is overlapping UA & GA4 data, we will use the cutover date to determine the date when we should start prioritizing GA4 data over UA data.

If you do NOT trust your GA4 data yet, you should specify a cutover date of 7/1/2023 (this first date when UA will stop working). Once you are confident in your GA4 data, you can come back and update the cutover date.


If you leave cutover date blank, GA4 will be prioritized wherever there is overlapping UA & GA4 data.

PLEASE NOTE cutover date will not affect the UA vs GA4 explore