Integration: Introduction to Integration Documentation

This article outlines the concept of an Extractor within the Daasity platform and an explanation of the information that you will find within each Extractor article

What is an Integration?

An Integration is how Daasity extracts (pulls) data from a source system that you would like to incorporate into the data warehouse that Daasity has built.  You may also see them listed as "extractors"

By authorizing any one of our Extractors, Daasity is able to connect to the platforms you use and replicate data in our platform so you can use that data as part of your reporting and analytics.

Integration Overview

The overview section will provide a summary of how the integration replicates data from the source and limitations or constraints with the replication method.  It will also provide links to any documentation provided by the source.

Integration Availability

This section will indicate if the integration if available as part of the Growth or Pro products

Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD)

The Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD) is a schema diagram of all the tables that are created within the Daasity platform by the integration.  The ERD will show all the tables, the columns within the tables and how you can connect the different tables together via primary and foreign keys. 

Integration Tables

In this section you will find detailed information on how the specific table is replicated from the source system and the mapping of data from the source to the columns in the Daasity table.  It will also provide information on the type of data update and the frequency of the updates

Release Updates

In this section you will find information on product releases that impacted the integration and a brief summary of the changes that were made to the integration as part of the release

Related Resources

In this section you will find links to other resources that are related to this integration