Integration: Pinterest

This article will help you learn about how Daasity replicates data from Pinterest, limitations to the data we can extract and where the data is stored in the Pinterest schema.

Key Topics

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Integration Availability

This integration is available for:

  • Growth
  • Pro V2

NOTE: You are considered V2 if...

  • You are a Growth customer
  • Your account says Pro V2 in the Daasity App

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Integration Overview

Pinterest is the visual discovery engine for finding ideas like recipes, home and style inspiration, and more. With billions of pins, it is a destination for many and advertisers can take advantage of that audience by creating and running paid campaigns to attract a new audience to their brand.

The Daasity Pinterest integration enables merchants to extract key metrics from campaigns on a daily basis to easily track and compare performance across various ad platforms. Data is transformed as part of Daasity's Unified Marketing Schema (UMS) that enables multi-platform reporting in one schema.

API Endpoints

The Daasity Pinterest extractor is built based on this Pinterest API documentation.  The following endpoints are used by Daasity to replicate data from Pinterest:

Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD)

The embedded diagram houses the ERD for the Daasity Pinterest integration illustrating the different tables and keys to join across tables.  Hover over the embedded diagram to reveal controls to zoom and scroll.


Pinterest Schema

The Daasity Pinterest extractor creates these tables using the endpoints and replication methods listed.  The data is mapped from source API endpoint to the table based on the mapping logic outlined in each table.


Ad Accounts

  • Endpoint: Ad Accounts
  • Update Method: UPSERT
  • Table Name: pinterest.ad_accounts
JSON Element Database Column
id id
name name
owner::username owner
country country
currency currency
click_window_days click_window_days
engagement_window_days __engagement_window_days
view_window_days __view_window_days
conversion_report_time __conversion_report_time
MD5(ad_account::id + ad_account::country +ad_account::currency) __sync_key


Ad Analytics

  • Endpoint: Ad Analytics
  • Update Method: UPSERT
  • Table Name: pinterest.ad_analytics
JSON Element Database Column
ad_account_id ad_account_id
ad_group_id ad_group_id
ad_id ad_id
campaign_id campaign_id
ad_group_entity_status ad_group_entity_status
campaign_daily_spend_cap campaign_daily_spend_cap
campaign_entity_status campaign_entity_status
campaign_name campaign_name
checkout_roas checkout_roas
clickthrough_1 clickthrough_1
clickthrough_1_gross clickthrough_1_gross
clickthrough_1_gross clickthrough_2
cpc_in_micro_dollar cpc_in_micro_dollar
cpm_in_dollar cpm_in_dollar
cpm_in_micro_dollar cpm_in_micro_dollar
ctr ctr
ctr_2 ctr_2
date date
ecpcv_in_dollar ecpcv_in_dollar
ecpcv_p95_in_dollar ecpcv_p95_in_dollar
ecpc_in_dollar ecpc_in_dollar
ecpc_in_micro_dollar ecpc_in_micro_dollar
ecpe_in_dollar ecpe_in_dollar
ecpm_in_micro_dollar ecpm_in_micro_dollar
ecpv_in_dollar ecpv_in_dollar
ectr ectr
eengagement_rate eengagement_rate
engagement_1 engagement_1
engagement_2 engagement_2
engagement_rate engagement_rate
impression_1 impression_1
impression_1_gross impression_1_gross
impression_2 impression_2
page_visit_cost_per_action page_visit_cost_per_action
page_visit_roas page_visit_roas
page_visit_roas paid_impression
pin_id pin_id
repin_1 repin_1
repin_2 repin_2
repin_rate repin_rate
spend_in_dollar spend_in_dollar
spend_in_micro_dollar spend_in_micro_dollar
total_checkout total_checkout
total_checkout_value_in_micro_dollar total_checkout_value_in_micro_dollar
total_clickthrough total_clickthrough
total_click_checkout total_click_checkout
total_click_checkout total_click_checkout_value_in_micro_dollar
total_conversions total_conversions
total_engagement total_engagement
total_engagement_checkout total_engagement_checkout
total_engagement_checkout_value_in_micro_dollar total_engagement_checkout_value_in_micro_dollar
total_engagement_signup total_engagement_signup
total_engagement_signup_value_in_micro_dollar total_engagement_signup_value_in_micro_dollar
total_view_checkout total_view_checkout
total_view_checkout_value_in_micro_dollar total_view_checkout_value_in_micro_dollar
web_checkout_cost_per_action web_checkout_cost_per_action
web_checkout_roas web_checkout_roas
MD5(ad_id + ad_group_id + ad_id + campaign_id + pin_id + date) __sync_key


Ad Groups

  • Endpoint: Ad Groups
  • Update Method: UPSERT
  • Table Name: pinterest.ad_groups
JSON Element Database Column
id id
ad_account_id ad_account_id
campaign_id campaign_id
feed_profile_id feed_profile_id
name name
status status
budget_in_micro_currency bid_in_micro_currency
bid_in_micro_currency bid_in_micro_currency
budget_type budget_type
start_time start_time
end_time end_time
lifetime_frequency_cap lifetime_frequency_cap
auto_targeting_enabled auto_targeting_enabled
placement_group placement_group
pacing_delivery_type pacing_delivery_type
conversion_learning_mode_type conversion_learning_mode_type
summary_status summary_status
billable_event billable_event
type type
updated_time updated_time
created_time created_time
MD5(id + ad_account_id + campaign_id + feed_profile_id) __sync_key



  • Endpoint: Ads
  • Update Method: UPSERT
  • Table Name:
JSON Element Database Column
id id
ad_account_id ad_account_id
campaign_id campaign_id
pin_id pin_id
ad_group_id ad_group_id
android_deep_link android_deep_link
click_tracking_url click_tracking_url
creative_type creative_type
destination_url destination_url
ios_deep_link ios_deep_link
is_pin_deleted is_pin_deleted
is_removable is_removable
name name
status status
view_tracking_url view_tracking_url
collection_items_destination_url_template collection_items_destination_url_template
created_time created_time
review_status review_status
type type
updated_time updated_time
summary_status summary_status
MD5(id + ad_account_id + campaign_id + pin_id + ad_agroup_id) __sync_key



  • Endpoint: Campaigns
  • Update Method: UPSERT
  • Table Name: pinterest.campaigns
JSON Element Database Column
id id
ad_account_id ad_account_id
name name
status status
lifetime_spend_cap lifetime_spend_cap
daily_spend_cap daily_spend_cap
order_line_id order_line_id
objective_type objective_type
created_time created_time
updated_time updated_time
type type
MD5(id + account_id + order_line_id) __sync_key


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