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Integration Setup: Klaviyo

Connect Klaviyo to Daasity.

Step 1: Login to Daasity and click Integrations -> New Integration

Klaviyo Integration Setup

Step 2
: Scroll down to the Klaviyo Logo and click it.

Klaviyo Integration Setup - Select
Step 3: Name your Integration, then click for the blue link to go to your Klaviyo account and generate an API Key.

Klaviyo Integration Setup - Create

Step 4: In your Klaviyo Account, Click the blue “Create API Key” button, edit the name and call it Daasity.

Klaviyo Integration Setup - API

Step 5: Copy your API Key and paste it into the Klaviyo Integration Page in Daasity. Then click Create.

Klaviyo Integration Setup - API settings

Step 6: Load history for your Klaviyo account. Note that Daasity will keep 2 yrs of data in your data warehouse and archive anything older.

Klaviyo Integration Setup - Activated

You’re all done! Once your history loads, it will be available in your data warehouse!