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Looker: Adding a User

This article outlines how to add a User in Looker with Daasity


Daasity uses the Looker API to connect the Daasity platform to Looker to setup Groups, Roles and Permissions and push data into Users to enable dynamic population of data within Looker.  It is important that a new User is added to the appropriate Groups and Roles to enable the Daasity functionality outlined in this Daasity Looker Article

Create the User

Navigate to the Admin -> User section of Looker [<merchant>.looker.com/admin/users] and click on the "Add Users" button

Add the user's email address and make sure to select the appropriate Roles and Groups, especially those created by Daasity as this will enable functionality with Daasity

This user will receive the email invite to setup their account.

TIP: Looker emails typically go to Junk or Spam - make sure they check there...