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Looker: Daasity Admin User Account

This article outlines why Daasity needs an Admin account in Looker and how Daasity uses this account.

Admin User Usage

Daasity uses an Admin account in Looker for three purposes:

  1. Using the Looker APIs to create the Roles, Groups, Model Sets and LookML as outlined in our Looker: User Setup and Groups, Role and Model Sets article
  2. Using the Looker API to synchronize the values of the [sku_attributes_xx] in User Attributes with the headings in the SKU Attributes BSD so that the SKU Attributes views will have the appropriate labels
    1. Additional information on the SKU Attributes BSD can be found in this article
  3. Enable the Daasity team to create connections to follow proper software development practices by using our Test Warehouse functionality to connect Looker to the test warehouse and ensure that any transformation changes are correct before merging into production