Marketing Campaign Mapping and Analysis

Pro merchants on our V2 base code can now add custom campaign mapping to their marketing analytics

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Customization Description

The marketing campaign mapping and analysis customization allows merchants to map marketing campaigns to corresponding subchannels and media types. This functionality allows merchants to further segment marketing campaign analytics with a higher degree of granularity.  After setting up this customization, merchants can answer questions like:

  • Are your acquisition / retention campaigns performing well?  This assumes you set up your subchannel or media type mapping with acquisition vs retargeting values.
  • If Paid Search CPOs are up, is it due to brand or non-brand search?  This assumes you set up your subchannel or media type mapping with brand vs non-brand values.
  • What is my ROAS / CPO in Instagram vs Facebook as a whole?  This assumes you set up your campaigns in Facebook to map which campaigns are running on Instagram vs which campaigns are running on Facebook.


To setup the campaign mapping customization, Pro merchants should reach out to their TAM or  The setup requires approximately 1-2 hours of work for the Daasity team, and may require several hours of work for a merchant to get their campaign mappings set up in the gsheet.  

The setup consists of two steps:

  1. The merchant needs to fill out the campaign mapping gsheet that their TAM or merchant success contact sets up in their BSD file.
  2. Once the gsheet is filled in, the TAM or merchant success contact will add two custom ETLs to the merchants workflow.  These ETLs will take the mappings and apply them to all marketing data that we have ingested.


  • The campaign mapping customizations is ONLY available to PRO merchants that are running the v2 base code.
  • Campaign mappings will only work with vendors for which there is a Daasity integration.  For example, if a merchant uses Facebook and Snapchat, but only has a Facebook integration with Daasity and does NOT have a Snapchat integration with Daasity, then the Snapchat-mapped campaigns will not roll through to your visualizations.
  • There are NO out-of-the-box visualizations that show subchannel and media type analysis.  Any visualizations that are requested will need to be scoped out by our professional services team and may come with an additional fee.  

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