Marketing Dashboard

The Marketing Dashboard aggregates and summarizes marketing performance at a high level in aggregate and by channel and vendor.

No one has limitless budgets to advertise, so knowing your marketing spend and how it is performing is the key piece of information for anyone managing marketing activities.

Channels & Vendors are identified either by the marketing integration or in the Marketing Spend and Channel Mapping data you provided.


You must identify a Vendor in both the Channel Mapping & Marketing Spend sheets in order for orders to be properly attributed to that Channel & Vendor. This is important for spend reporting and ROAS, CPO and CPA reports.

In the top section you’ll find key metrics output at both WTD and MTD time intervals, including:

  • Spend by Vendor
  • Total Spend, CPA, CPO, and ROAS
  • ROAS broken down by Facebook vs Google

Additionally, you’ll find the new customer rates by Channel. Balancing new and returning customers is the goal of all businesses. Repeat purchases from existing customers keep costs down so that investment can be made to continue acquiring new customers to drive your business.

Are you seeing a large amount of existing customers coming through high cost paid channels like Paid Social? If so, you have an opportunity to shift those customers to lower cost channels.

Marketing Dashboard

What’s the difference between Paid Blended Metrics & Overall Metrics?

Advertising effectiveness is not easy to track. Sure, there are UTMs in links that provide a wealth of information, but ultimately all marketers agree that people interact with many different ads or touchpoints for any given company. All of these touchpoints help to influence a person’s decision to become a customer, or to buy again.

Looking at both your overall and paid ROAS and CPO is all part of “knowing your numbers”. Paid vendors are producing measurable results and produce an excellent baseline, but how much of your business is driven by paid orders vs. ‘free’ orders? Free or inexpensive orders would be from customers who come direct to site (though were probably influenced by paid ads), organic search, email and even triggered re-orders from subscribers. Every order that doesn’t require an expensive advertisement to generate helps your business tremendously.

What do I do with this Info?

If the ROAS seems to be going down or CPO tends to be going up, it’s time to dig in. Is it being driven by a certain channel?

  • Perhaps a ‘free’ channel has slowed down
  • Ad fees for a paid channel has increased, and your budget has not increased, making it impossible to get the same orders as before
  • Has a particular vendor started to underperform?

And vice versa, if ROAS is going up and CPO is going down, dig in to see why! Hopefully volume of orders has remained steady and an activity happens to be more effective, if so, how much more of that activity can you do while maintaining results?

Vendor Reported vs. Tracked Results

The next two sections provide views that illustrate your vendor-reported performance as reported through the vendor API integration as well as compared to Last Click performance using Daasity’s attribution methodology.

The first section has time based graphs that show the trend by paid vendor so you can determine at-a-glance if there are issues to dig into or address.

Marketing Dashboard - Results

The next section compares the vendor reported CPO and ROAS to the Last Click CPO and ROAS. It’s common for these metrics to be quite different for awareness driving ads and closer for ‘lower-funnel’ activities, such as branded paid search.

Marketing Dashboard -Last Click ROAS

Impressions & CPC

The next section displays and compares impressions, clicks, cost per thousand (CPM) and cost per click (CPC) for vendors in which we have the data available via the API integration. 

Marketing Dashboard - Impressions CPC

Channel performance

The final section contains Orders, Gross Sales, CPO, and CPA by Channel and by Vendor, for both first click and last click attribution models. This gives you a snapshot of the contribution each channel and vendor is making to your business.

Marketing Dashboard - Channel Vendor Performance