New vs. Returning Customer Counts

Daasity and Shopify have different definitions of a New Customer.

Daasity uses a concept of Valid Orders in all Explores and Dashboards.

The following Order Status are considered Invalid and automatically have all units and amounts set to zero:

  • Cancelled Order
  • Fraud Order
  • Voided Order
  • Full Gift Card Purchase

Shopify will consider a customer that placed any type of first order as a New Customer. It does not take valid orders into account. Whether the order is valid or invalid, they are considered a new customer. Daasity only considers someone a new customer when they have placed the first valid order. 

EXAMPLE: A customer makes a purchase but emails the next day to cancel. Your team cancels the order and a refund is given. Shopify will count this as a 'First Order,' Daasity will not. 

We recommend using our 'First Order Flag' to accurately identify your new customers. In the example, we're using the 'Order and Order Line Revenue' Explore. We're looking at First Time vs Repeat Orders, over the last 7 complete days.

Yes = First Valid Order (New)

No= Customer has ordered before

New vs. Returning Customer Counts 1