Previous Period Filter Fields

*Before using this feature, we'd recommend familiarizing yourself with Calendar Date Dimensions and Calendar Pivots.

Previous Period Filters are similar to Calendar Pivots but there is a major difference. You're able to choose the Period Length instead of a predetermined grouping (This Week, Last Week etc). "I want to compare the past 17 days against the previous 17 days." Previous Period Filters are the answer. 

In the 'Calendar' dropdown, you'll see a list of 'Filter Only Fields.' These fields can only be used as Filters, meaning they are used to include or exclude. They will not be displayed in the data table or visualization (columns, rows, bar, chart etc). 

For the purposes of this example we'll select (below):

  • Previous Period Filter
  • Over Period Type
  • Period Length

Previous Period Filter Fields
In your Explore, you'll need to input the periods you'd like to measure/compare. In the example below we've selected...

  • A 3 'complete day' period for the 'Previous Period Filter'
  • 'Over Period Type' is Day (options are day, week, month)
  • 'Period Length' is 3 (should match Previous Period number)

Previous Period Filter Fields - Explore
*Before selecting your Measure we need to be sure only data for the period we've defined is displayed.

  • Under 'Pivots' select Pivot 8, then click the 'Filter' button and select 'is not null' in the drop down.

Previous Period Filter Fields - Pivots
Choose your Measure, then click 'Run.' The period length you've selected is then put into three groups.

  • Current Period
  • Last Period
  • Same Period Last Year

*In our example we're using the 'Gross Sales' Measure.

Previous Period Filter Fields - Gross Sales
Using the 'Pivot' button can help make the visualization more presentable by separating the Periods by color (Pivot by Period).

Previous Period Filter Fields - Gross Sales PIvot*Please Remember!

  • You must use Pivot 8 (is not null)
  • Pivot 8 must be highlighted for the data to be included in the table and visualization (display the three groupings)
  • You can limit the periods displayed if preferred (manually choose Periods example below)

Previous Period Filter Fields - Gross Sales Period