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Recharge Data and Known Discrepancies

Subscription Dashboards and Explores contain some known discrepancies from the Recharge UI

Your Recharge integration ingests data from Recharge and combines it with data from Shopify and Google Analytics to give you complete analysis of your subscription offerings and subscribers.  However you may notice some discrepancies in the way that Recharge data appears in your Subscriptions Dashboard vs how it appears in the Recharge reporting UI.  

Active subscriptions

Active subscription counts in Daasity will NOT match with active subscription counts in the Recharge UI.  Daasity's active subscription logic counts a subscription as "active" if it has a start date prior to the current date and either no cancelled date or a cancelled date after the current day.  The data that exists in the Recharge UI uses a different logic and generally has an active subscription count that is ~3-5% higher than what you see in Daasity. 

It is possible to manually pull down a list of subscriptions through the Recharge UI and verify that the Daasity number matches with the true count of subscriptions.  To do this click on the "Export" button on the left nav in the Recharge UI:


Click the Create Export button, select the report that you want, and the email address you want it to be sent to:

Churn Rate

Daasity calculates churn rate using a formula which takes into account the number of active subscription days and the number of available subscription days.  As an example, let's say your business has 10 subscriptions at the start of January.  Two of those subscriptions cancel on January 11th.  Five new subscriptions start on January 21st and are active at the end of the month. 

The churn rate formula is days in the month (31) * total subscriptions churned (2) / total subscriptions at the start (10) * days in month (31) + 0.5 * subscriptions at end of month (13) - subscriptions at start of month (10) * days in month.  The formula written out:

Screen Shot 2022-03-02 at 11.36.41 AM

Recharge's formula is simply subscriptions churned during the month / subscriptions at the start of the month.  However this formula will not account for subscriptions that were added and cancelled in the middle of the month.  In this example, Recharge's calculation for churn rate would be:

Subscriptions cancelled during the month (2) / subscriptions at start of month (10)

Screen Shot 2022-03-03 at 11.14.12 AM

Cancelled and Deleted Subscriptions

Sometimes subscriptions are manually cancelled or deleted by merchants but that cancellation or deletion does NOT result in a populated cancelled date in Recharge.  In these cases there could be cancelled or deleted subscriptions that Daasity recognizes as active given that we use the cancelled date to tell us when a subscription is cancelled.  This discrepancy could throw off everything from churn rate calculations to active or cancelled subscription calculations.

If you have a large group of manually cancelled or deleted subscriptions that are throwing off your metrics, please contact support@daasity.com.  Our support team may be able to manually fix this issue.